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By offering completely plant-based meals we reduce the demand on our natural resources, agro-waste and livestock-related environmental damage.



Our goal at Aux Vivres is to offer our customers food with purpose, which we define as food grown and obtained in a way that respects the well-being of farmers, the environment, and you. Our approach to nourishing our customers is to make flavorful and delicious meals that are composed of ingredients that are natural, unprocessed, and have a low carbon footprint.

We offer locally grown food, which helps enable a sustainable local food economy, and a viable living for Québec farmers. Never using genetically modified ingredients or artificial preservatives.


Founded in 1979, Noble Bean Tempeh is committed to a low water consumption operation, producing high protein organic tempeh. Our tempeh plant is an urban garden, were we literally grow protein. We ship tempeh products throughout central and eastern Canada.


Our purpose is to produce affordable nutrient dense ready to enjoy meals and ship them out daily to 160 vendors in the Montreal area. Our clients include universities, hospitals, and health food retailers, as well as grocery chains.

Aux Vivres Cuisine actively utilizes a comprehensive composting program by Compost Montreal. Kitchen waste and vegetable scraps are collected and picked up and composted locally. The compost breaks down into rich soil that is used in community gardens throughout Montreal.

We are now composting 500 kg of vegetable waste each week. By composting, we are helping our environment by redirecting up to 12 tonnes of organic waste from landfill sites each year. To learn more about composting in Montreal visit: Compost Montreal.